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Data, Maps, and Reports

CAPCOG's data services offer timely census information, cutting-edge mapping, regional statistics, economic analysis and more to assist local jurisdictions, businesses, residents and other interested stakeholders in the Central Texas 10-county region.

Central Texas Regional Data

Compiled and updated annually this is a statistical and brief analytical overview of CAPCOG's 10-county region — Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Fayette, Hays, Lee, Llano, Travis, and Williamson counties. The Central Texas Regional Data page uses several interactive charts and graphs to help explain some of the region’s most vital statistical data to include measures such as population growth, unemployment, college attainment, cost of living, gross regional product and more.

> Go to the Central Texas Regional Data webpage.

Census and Demographic Data

Consider CAPCOG your one-stop shop for regional census data. As a designated census information center through an agreement with the U.S. Census Bureau, CAPCOG provides data and analysis for a local and regional audience that may not be served by the bureau's own outreach efforts.

> Find regional Census data.

Data Points

Data Points is the newsletter published by CAPCOG’s Planning and Economic Development Division. The newsletter takes a topical issue shaping development in the Capital Area and dives deep into the data surrounding the issue. Subscribe to receive it in your inbox, and find archived editions on the CAPCOG website.

> Read Data Points.

Economic Development Publications

CAPCOG’s Planning and Economic Development Division provides Central Texas communities, to include the region as a whole, with economic analysis and reports. Some of its recent reports have included the development of long range economic development and transportation plans and State of the Region presentations.

> Find reports conducted by CAPCOG’s Planning and Economic Development Division for download.
> Read the fee schedule for public information request.

Capital Area Orthoimagery Project

CAPCOG's Capital Area Orthoimagery Project, formerly known as the GeoMap Program, provides and maintains the region's need for geospatial base-map data through a cooperative purchasing measure that receives volume discounts for the greatest geographic coverage.

> Discover the project.

GIS Data Services

CAPCOG offers a variety of GIS data useful for mapping and spatial analysis purposes. This data is provided in several different formats from various CAPCOG programs. The mainstays of the data include GeoMap Data, Enhanced Data, and Free Maps and Data.

> Learn more about what GIS Data Services can provide.

Inquiries, pricing and delivery

CDs, DVDs or prints of various data sets are available at the cost of reproduction plus labor and shipping based on a fee schedule. For advanced analysis or mapping, CAPCOG also can produce custom reports, with pricing dependent on data availability and level of analysis.

> Review GIS public information and customer service fees.
> Complete the GIS Data inquiry/order form and submit it to CAPCOG by email.
> For economic development data, submit an inquiry form for a follow-up.