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Data, Maps, and Reports

GeoMap Program

The GeoMap Program is a cooperative-purchasing initiative to produce and maintain current geospatial base-map data for local jurisdictions, developers, consultants and other interested parties around the Capital Area region. Base maps can include aerial orthoimagery, oblique imagery, LiDar (Light Detection and Ranging imagery), planimetrics and topographic data. 

The GeoMap Program is helping the region in efforts by:

  • Leveraging taxpayer dollars to create enhanced base map products at a reduced cost.
  • Minimizing duplicative efforts to generate base map data in the region.
  • Establishing a common geographic framework for addressing local and regional issues.

The GeoMap Program also supports many critical applications including disaster preparedness, 9-1-1 communications, regional planning and infrastructure management.

> Read about the GeoMap Program's 2013 NADO Innovation Award.

GeoMap 2017 Program Call for Projects – Closed

The Final Call for Projects for the GeoMap 2017 Program ended Friday, Sept. 30, 2016.

Aerial (Ortho) imagery is the mainstay product of the GeoMap Program, but this year CAPCOG expects LiDAR-derived products to be a priority for many organizations since raw LiDAR data will be acquired through the TNRIS LiDAR Acquisition Project for much of the region.
> Read about GeoMap’s LiDAR-derived dataset offerings and more.

CAPCOG is pleased to guide project participation for county governments, their associated appraisal districts, city governments, utility districts and other planning-related organizations.

Since 2002, GeoMap has saved jurisdictions in CAPCOG’s 10-county region more than $10 million.

> Read the GeoMap 2017 Program Call for Projects letter.
> Read the GeoMap 2017 Program Final Call of Projects letter.
> Review Fugro’s Geospatial Services Product Descriptions.
> Download and complete the GeoMap 2017 Project Submission Form.
> Download and complete the GeoMap 2017 Letter of Intent to Participate.
> Submit all forms and letters to Craig Eissler, CAPCOG GIS Program manager.

Why participate?

The GeoMap Program makes it easy to get crucial planning data without breaking the budget. Historically, project participants have gained several dollars of data for every dollar contributed to the cooperative-purchasing initiative. The GeoMap Program's ability to group multiple data-collection projects is a great opportunity for Central Texans to develop low-cost, up-to-date geographic information systems data for their organizations.

CAPCOG manages the vendor contract and coordinates the quality assurance and control allowing for a shortened procurement process for GeoMap participants. The final product can produce customized maps for projects such as appraisals, growth management, conservation, local development, disaster response and more.

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> Contact Craig Eissler, CAPCOG GIS program manager.