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Data, Maps, and Reports

GIS Data Services

CAPCOG offers a variety of GIS data useful for mapping and spatial analysis purposes. The three main types of data include:

Capital Area Orthoimagery Project

Orthoimagery, LiDAR, and more

In participation with various cities, counties and other agencies, CAPCOG annually acquires aerial imagery for the region in a cost-sharing cooperative agreement. Other data such as LiDAR and planimetrics are periodically updated for some areas in the region, as well. Most data is licensed for the first two years of existence, and then placed in the public domain. Some exceptions exist which necessitate the data be in the public domain from inception.

> Learn more about the Capital Area Orthoimagery Project and become a partner.

Enhanced Data

Capital Area Addressing & Referencing Map (CAAR Map)

CAAR Map is a robust GIS dataset covering the 10-county region of monthly updated information that includes the following data layers:

  • address points
  • street centerlines
  • city limits
  • zip codes
  • emergency service zones 

CAPCOG’s Geocoder tool is also included. Applications with this dataset include emergency communications/response, routing, transportation network analysis, demographic analysis, growth planning, street address geocoding, and more.

> Download the CAAR Map flier.

A one-time CAAR Map purchase cost $500 and an annual subscription is priced at $5,000. The cost of purchasing a single county or an individual data layer are $250.

> Complete the GIS Data Inquiry/Order form for CAAR Map data.
> Email the form back to the CAPCOG GIS Program.

More Enhanced Data coming soon!

Free Maps & Data

CAPCOG Free Regional Data

CAPCOG Free Regional Data is an interactive-map website that increases accessibility to free regional information and makes the data easily downloadable. The creation of the website has further enhanced the GIS Program’s ability to be a single resource of regional geographic information.

Hosted by ArcGIS Online, the site allows users to visually review numerous datasets before downloading the information for their own use. Currently available datasets include items such as city limits; floodplain boundaries; school district boundaries; the location of airports and parks; and archived street centerlines. Parcel boundaries also are available by county.

CAPCOG has generated a number of datasets located on the website, but it also has collected and compiled datasets from other entities. Some data placed on the website has more up-to-date counterparts such address points and street centerlines, which are packaged with the purchase of the CAAR Map database.

> Visit CAPCOG Free Regional Data.