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Data, Maps, and Reports


Below are some historical printable maps of the CAPCOG ten-county region. Those looking for current GIS map datasets should go to the CAPCOG Regional Free Data website.

> Visit the CAPCOG Regional Free Data website.

Disclaimer: The Capital Area Council of Governments (CAPCOG) provides maps and data "as is" and assumes no liability for its accuracy or completeness. Maps (and data) are intended as a representation of the data being presented and is in no way intended to be survey grade information. These products are for informational purposes and may not have been prepared for or be suitable for legal, engineering, or surveying purposes. It does not represent an on-the-ground survey and represents only the approximate relative location of property boundaries.

Central Texas Greenprint for Growth
The Central Texas Greenprint for Growth is a tool for balancing sustainable conservation goals with the infrastructure needs of our rapidly urbanizing region. The process combines community stakeholder input about conservation goals and priorities with Geographic Information Systems mapping and modeling technology to produce graphic illustrations highlighting opportunity areas for conservation that meet multiple goals. Please visit our Publications page to view the overall Greenprint Final Report. View Interactive Map

8.5" x 11" - Overall Conservation Opportunities

8.5" x 11" - Bastrop County Conservation Opportunities

8.5" x 11" - Hays County Conservation Opportunities

8.5" x 11" - Caldwell County Conservation Opportunities

24" x 36" - Travis County Conservation Opportunities

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General Base Map
Base map of CAPCOG region includes county boundaries, COG boundaries, major roads, airports, streams and parks.

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Quadrangle Boundary Map USGS Quadrangle Boundary map for the CAPCOG region.

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Sales Tax by Cities Map Map of how the additional sales tax is allocated by Cities within the CAPCOG region.  Data in map is current as of January 2009.

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Shaded Relief Map Color shaded relief depicting the elevation of the CAPCOG region.

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