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Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division comprises three areas: general management, information technology services and finance.

General Management

General management includes the office of the Executive Director which has oversight over all program and administrative functions of CAPCOG. General management includes fiscal management (grants administration, performance measures, financial reporting and budgeting), human resources (insurance, the retirement system), records management, and public information. CAPCOG’s general management staff updates the CAPCOG website, including the CAPCOG online regional directory, and produces multiple publications including the CAPCOG annual report and performance measures, the CAPCOG monthly newsletter, program brochures, advertisements, and media releases. In addition, general management staff serves as the primary liaison for services to member organizations and regional stakeholders.

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Information Technology Services

Information technology services staff maintains CAPCOG's computer, networking, and telephone equipment and provide guidance in the selection of new equipment and the development of regional technological infrastructure. This includes administration/maintenance of the CAPCOG local area network, homeland security WebEOC and emergency notification systems, all operating systems, servers, network printers/plotters, network hardware, and email. Information technology services staff also provide internal internet and user application support for CAPCOG.


Finance staff is responsible for all internal and external financial services for CAPCOG programs in the following areas: accounting, budgeting, financial management and reporting, purchasing and payroll. Finance staff also provides certain support services as needed to implement programs in accordance with grant and contract agreements.

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