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Partnered Programs

Lifespan Respite Grant Program: It’s time for a Break

Caring for a loved one can take a lot out of someone mentally and physically. Everyone needs time to study, buy groceries, or just be alone. The Lifespan Respite Grant Program assists with off-setting the cost of receiving respite care for caregivers who meet the programs qualifications and if funding is available.

The types of care offered through the Life Respite Grant Program include:

  • In-home — provided by home care agencies
  • Center-based — adult or child day-care facilities and services
  • Community Access — individual or group activities
  • Out of home —  camps

Program Qualifications include:

  • An unpaid family caregiver
  • Difficulty accessing respite care
  • NOT enrolled in another government/non-profit respite or Medicaid waiver program
  • Care receiver, of any age, with special needs, a disability or a chronic condition.

Contact the or call 855-937-2372 for more information.

Austin Energy Plus 1 Program

A partnership between the City of Austin and CAPCOG, operating at the ADRC, has made it possible for the ADRC to help provide income support for Austin utility customers. This program provides emergency financial aid to customers who are having a temporary problem paying their utility bills if they meet the programs’ criteria.

There are many reasons older adults, people with disabilities, and their caregivers can fall behind on utility payments such as suddenly paying for in-home care or the unexpected cost of a hospital visit caused by a fall.

The program’s criteria includes:

  • Austin utility customer
  • Client assistance is for residential accounts only (home of residence) 
  • Plus 1 funds cannot be used for utility deposits
  • Persons age 60 or older
  • Primary caregiver for an adult 60 years of age or older
  • Primary caregiver for an individual of any age with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or disease-related dementia
  • Non-parental caregiver, age 55 or older, for an adult with severe disabilities
  • Kinship – Grandparents or other non-parent relatives age 55 or older with formal or informal custody of a relative child age 18 years or younger
  • Older relatives, age 60 or older providing care to adults, ages 18-59 with disabilities  
  • Medicare-eligible persons
  • Persons of any age with a disability
  • Caregivers for persons of any age with a disability 

For residents not living in Austin, there is a chance the ADRC can still help through a similar AAACAP program. 

Contact the or call 855-937-2372 for more information.