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Data Services

CAPCOG's Community and Economic Development Division provides demographic and socioeconomic data about the Capital Area region. Our most commonly requested regional data sets are available under the tabular data section of the Information Clearinghouse. 

In addition, CAPCOG can provide technical assistance to our member entities and organizations who need custom data requests.  

Data Points

In addition to providing regional data sets and technical assistance, CAPCOG's Community and Economic Development division publishes Data Points, a newsletter to highlight some of the data and resources available for regional and local planning.  Articles are now posted in a blog format to encourage dialogue and provide more frequent postings.  The blog can be accessed at the following site, 

Census Information Center

As a U.S. Census Bureau designated Census Information Center, CAPCOG provides Census data both on our Information Clearinghouse and by request.  CAPCOG also promotes data releases. 

With the outreach effort for Census 2010 over, many will turn their attention to the data.  The obvious question that many are asking is when to expect the data.  Fall 2010 and Winter 2011 will be data filled and it stands to reason their will be some confusion with all the data that will be released. 

American Community Survey
The American Community Survey (ACS) will be released throughout Fall 2010 with the biggest release being the five year ACS estimates expected in December 2010.  For those who are not familiar with the ACS, it is the Census Bureau administered rolling survey that collects similar information as the Census 2000 “long form.”  This is not Census 2010.  The five year ACS estimates are collected from 2005-2009 and represent the first time Census socio-economic data will be available for all areas in our region since the Census 2000.  The five year ACS will include data for all places and counties regardless of population size, and also smaller geographic units such as Census tracts and block groups.  Previously only the one and three year estimate data were available for areas of 65,000 and 20,000 people or more, respectively.  For more information about the American Community Survey, click here.

Census 2010
Although the American Community Survey provides a rich array of data, the actual count of people (Census 2010) is critical for funding formulas, representation, voting districts, future population estimates and numerous planning forecasts.  The first Census 2010 release is the national and state figures, which must be delivered to the President by December 31, 2010 to determine congressional apportionment.  The next release is known as the redistricting data summary file (P.L. 94-171) expected in the February to March 2011 timeframe containing data down to the block level.  It will include the counts of the housing units and population by race and Hispanic origin and the voting eligible population (18+) by race and Hispanic origin.  More detail data will be available later in May 2011 with the Demographic Profile release, but the full Summary File 1 tabulations (Census 2010 info) will not be released until sometime between June and August 2011.  For more information about Census 2010 releases, click here.