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Basic Telecommunicator Training Academy

The Basic Telecommunicator Training Academy (BT²) introduces the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a Public Safety communications center in a productive and professional manner. The course also prepares each student for the basic roles, responsibilities, and duties of a public safety dispatcher within the emergency communications center.

Approximately four to five weeks out from the beginning date of our BT², we will notify everyone who has provided us their information via the "Show Interest" portion of the BT² information block of the course announcement on our web site. All applicants will be scheduled to take the Entry Test that will measure the applicant's reading comprehension, grammar and mathematical knowledge. This test is based on a 12th grade level. There is no way to study for this test. All applicants are required to make an average grade of 70% or above on this test to be eligible to continue in the application process. Those who pass the Entry Test will be given an orientation and packet to be completed by a predetermined date. Sponsored students are not required to take the entry test.