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State Homeland Security Program Grant

CAPCOG has announced the upcoming FY 2018 State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) Grant application-timeline and process.

An emergency responder walks through a field wearing a protective suit. The SHSP helps funds equipment and training for homeland security issues.The SHSP grants provide funding to address high-priority preparedness gaps across all FEMA core capabilities and mission areas that support terrorism preparedness. The optimized delivery of core capabilities requires a combined effort of multiple organizations and levels of government, from federal to local. Texas applies a regional approach to develop recommendations for funding projects to reach its preparedness goals. Each council of governments receives an allocation for projects addressing terrorism risks within their region. Within CAPCOG, specific use of funds should result in regional benefits to the ten counties in preventing or responding to terrorist activities. Many capabilities that support terrorism preparedness simultaneously support preparedness for other hazards and the resources obtained with awarded funds may be dual-purposed to address any hazard or risk.

The Texas Office of the Governor posted the Request for Applications (RFA) for the SHSP grants on the Texas eGrant management portal on Dec. 15, 2017.

> Go to the management portal at

Proposed projects shall address identified threats or hazards in the CAPCOG Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA), core capability gaps as identified in the regional State Preparedness Report, demonstrate a regional approach, and may either sustain, build, or expand existing homeland security programs.

Submitted applications are peer reviewed and ranked for recommendation to the CAPCOG Homeland Security Task Force and prioritized by the Task Force. The CAPCOG Executive Committee recommends the finalized prioritized list to the Office of the Governor. All applications are subject to final approval by the Office of the Governor’s Homeland Security Grant Division (HSGD).

The CAPCOG FY 2018 Regional Grant Process outlines the timeline and process for outreach, submittal and prioritization of project applications. 

> Read the CAPCOG Homeland Security Division’s notification of grant for FY 2018.
> Download the CAPCOG FY2018 SHSP Regional Grant Process.
> Download the Addendum the CAPCOG SHSP Regional Grant Process.
> Contact the CAPCOG homeland security staff with questions.

Grant Processes

Important Dates

  • CAPCOG Mandatory SHSP Grant Workshops Dec. 12 and Dec. 15. 2017. Read about the workshops below.
  • Entities can start submitting grant applications on eGrants starting Dec. 15, 2017.
    > Go to
  • In order for CAPCOG to review and rank applications, the application form must be complete by Jan. 26, 2018.
  • The local jurisdiction’s authorized official must certify to submit the application by Feb. 28, 2018.
  • The Office of the Governor announces Ready for Release Notices to awarded applicants on August 31, 2018 (tentative). To remain eligible, no expenditures toward a submitted project can commence before notice.

Executive Committee SHSP Grant Recommendations to the OOG - Completed

The CAPCOG Executive Committee approved the prioritized funding recommendations for the OOG’s State Homeland Security Grant Program on March 14. More than 40 projects were submitted for recommendation, but some were withdrawn as they were not submitted to EGrants.

> Read the project prioritization list.

Mandatory SHSP Grant Workshops - Completed

All interested parties considering application(s) must send a representative to attend a mandatory workshop. The workshop covers what to expect during the application process including:

  • Who can apply and what activities are eligible for funding
  • Application requirements and supporting documentation
  • Applicable federal and state rules, regulations and certifications required of applicants
  • Key dates and deadlines

Two workshop opportunities are available. Entities that anticipate applying for grant funding only need to attend one mandatory workshop. If a jurisdiction does not send a representative (preferably the project manager or application grant writer), application(s) submitted by the jurisdiction will not be considered for funding.

> Register for Dec. 12 SHSP grant application workshop.
> Register for Dec. 15 SHSP grant application workshop.

Workshop Presentation and Notes - Office of the Governor (OOG) Final Revised Materials

During the mandatory SHSP Grant Workshops, CAPCOG presented the below documents to help entities apply for grant funding. CAPCOG made the presentations available on Dec. 19, 2017 for entities to review.

> OOG Homeland Security Grants Division FY 2018 SHSP Workshop Presentation.
> OOG Homeland Security Grants Division FY 2018 SHSP Workshop Script Notes.

Grant Application Development

A bomb robot maneuvers down a path during a demonstration. The SHSP helps funds equipment and training for homeland security issues.

To further assist local jurisdictions in applying for SHSP grant funding, CAPCOG has highlighted specific notes about completing grant applications. The Office of the Governor has provided recommendations for narratives through examples:

> Read the note about the Narrative Tab in
> Read the note about the Budget Tab in

The following links could be helpful to applicants seeking FY2018 SHSP grant funding:

AEL Codes and Code Descriptions Title 2 Code of Federal Regulations (2CFR) Part 200 eGrants User's Guide to Creating an Application
Uploading eGrants Files Preliminary Review Report (Video) Budget Line Item Edits (Video)
Find and Resolve a Special Condition (Video) Grant Adjustment Tutorial (Video) Prepare and Submit an FSR (Video)
OOG-HSGD Homepage HSGD Guidance - FAQ FEMA Preparedness (Non-Disaster) Grants

> Download all the helpful links in a PDF document.

Previous Years' Grant Processes

Fiscal Year 2017

> Read the CAPCOG SHSP grant process for FY 2017.