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WebEOC is an internet-based platform allowing for secure and real-time sharing of information related to management of emergencies among emergency management personnel, first responder agencies and cooperating organizations.

A WebEOC map shows how mock incidents can be placed in the online tool.

CAPCOG provides and maintains WebEOC as a communications and response tool for emergency management coordinators and first responders throughout the region.  As a tool, it allows emergency management personnel to provide and view information about incidents occurring in other jurisdictions. Using WebEOC lets agencies track the allocation of local resources regionally to improve response to disasters and terroristic threats. It also allows other emergency centric institutions — such as hospitals, health departments, and various city departments — to be alert of situations and prepare their own response.

CAPCOG establishes the WebEOC policies and procedures used by its 10-county region —Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Fayette, Lee, Llano, Hays, Travis and Williamson counties, so all organizations can have a standard operating procedure throughout the region for using the tool.

WebEOC Training and Use

CAPCOG trains users how to operate WebEOC and also helps facilitate the use of the tool during mock and live events. The COG also maintains the interface programing of WebEOC to make sure its functionality meets the demands of all jurisdictions and emergency agencies in the region.

Training is provided on an as needed basis and can be requested by any of the partnering municipalities and counties. CAPCOG holds meetings to discuss training and the use of. The implementation of WebEOC and its policies of use are discussed and reviewed by CAPCOG advisory committees to include the Homeland Security Task Force, which is made of emergency management and public safety personnel from around the region.

> Contact CAPCOG Homeland Security to learn about joining the user group meetings.
> Find training a list of available training courses for WebEOC.

For WebEOC questions?

> Contact CAPCOG Homeland Security staff.