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Disaster Resiliency & Recovery in the Texas Capital Area

Cover image of the Disaster Resiliency and Recovery in the Texas Capital Area Report

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The Disaster Resiliency & Recovery in the Texas Capital Area, The Economic Impact and Local Response to the 2015 Memorial Day Disaster Event report summarizes much of the available disaster data in an effort to quantify the economic impacts of the disaster event in the Texas Capital Region.

This report uses FEMA-administered software, called Hazus, to estimate flood impacts and vulnerability throughout the Capital Area. Throughout the region, this report estimates the impacts of a 100-year flood scenario on regional residential, commercial, and industrial property. This estimation of losses in such a scenario is useful for planning purposes and in prioritizing regional resiliency priorities. Map images are provided in the following section of this report, but digital versions in PDF format, as well as GIS data are available via CAPCOG’s Open Data GIS Portal. Interactive maps are also available via the Project Map Portal.

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This report documents the regional response to improve disaster resiliency and identifies opportunities to further enhance resiliency. Regional efforts like and ATX Floods have made significant inroads to strengthen the Capital Area’s ability to communicate critical information during a disaster. Other efforts are underway as well, and certainly further work is still required. The hope is that this report serves as a catalyst for continued efforts to enhance mitigation and resiliency efforts.

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