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Water Central Texas

Water runs over a man-made dam in the city of Llano.

Water Central Texas is a clearinghouse for water related topics throughout the CAPCOG ten-county region. It provides the public with information about water issues in Central Texas, supports existing water planning groups and initiatives and helps inform people about making water smart decisions.

Drought & Conservation
case studies updated 8-5-19)

General Information

The use and conservation of water in Central Texas can be a complex issue. CAPCOG has compiled general information about water issues, plans and more throughout the ten-county region to help provide a better understanding of topics related to water planning. In addition, CAPCOG compiled the 2017 Water Plan data for each county in the region. The data is in Excel format, so it can be downloaded and analyzed by interested parties.

State Water Plan

> Access the Texas Water Development Board’s Interactive 2017 State Water Plan.
> Download the 2017 State Water Plan Data for the CAPCOG region.

Presentations of State Water Plan Data from CAPCOG

The following presentations were created by CAPCOG in order to represent the 2017 State Water Plan data for the CAPCOG region.

State Water Plan Data for the CAPCOG Region Groundwater Resources and Management in the CAPCOG from State Water Plan 2017
Conservations and Reuse in CAPCOG from State Water Plan 2017 Water Management Strategies in CAPCOG from State Water Plan 2017

CAPCOG Excel Analyses

The following Excel documents are various analyses performed by CAPCOG of the 2017 State Water Plan data.

Conservation and Reuse Summary of Needs Summary of Strategies
Water Management Strategies Cost and Volumes Water Management Strategy Analysis Water Needs Analysis
Water Supplies and Demands Water Supply Summary Water Unmet Needs Analysis

Water Planning Regions and Districts in CAPCOG

The interactive map compiles all of the water planning regions and districts in the region. Use the layer list to turn off/on certain water districts or regions. Click on a point of interest to discover its district or region. Use the arrows at the top of the pop-up box to cycle through the point-of-interest’s layers.

> Open map in a new tab.