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Be an Ozone Action Hero

Your Air.  Your Commitment. 

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zone Action Heroes is a region-wide public awareness campaign created as part of the "Big Push" effort to meet EPA's air quality standard for ground-level ozone in 2009.  The mission of the campaign is to empower, to educate and to encourage residents and businesses in the Capital/Alamo area to join the growing force of Ozone Action Heroes and take action to improve our air quality today. 

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Top Ten Ozone Actions You Can Take to Reduce Your Impact

 1.  Use public transportation, walk or ride a bike
 2.  Refuel vehicles after 6:00 p.m.
 3.  Share a ride
 4.  Park and turn off your vehicle instead of idling
 5.  Regularly tune-up your vehicle
 6.  Bring lunch to work or school to reduce driving
 7.  Turn off lights not in use
 8.  Use gas-powered lawn equipment after 6:00 p.m.
 9.  Use compact fluorescent light bulbs
10.  Store paints, gas and lighter fluid in garage or shed


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