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Regional Services

The Regional Services Division includes five programs that further regional and community planning related to air quality, criminal justice and solid waste and community development block grants. The division facilitate several pass-through grant programs, facilitates regional cooperation to address planning needs, and provides education and training in the review and update of planning documents. CAPCOG strives to offer a regional perspective to local planning needs. 

Air Quality

CAPCOG's Regional Air Quality Program provides technical assistance and information to area businesses, government entities, and community groups on regional air quality issues, with particular emphasis on air pollution related to ground-level ozone. CAPCOG's Air Quality Program staff members are involved in the assessment and reporting of activities required by TCEQ and EPA. They are also coordinating technical work, documentation and reporting needed to evaluate the ongoing implementation status of emission reduction measures and impacts on air quality.

Commute Solutions

The CAPCOG Commute Solutions Program promotes commuting activities that increase the efficiency and use of existing roadways by reducing the amount of single occupant vehicle trips, decreasing the amount of vehicles traveling during peak congestion hours, shifting traffic from high-congestion roadways to low-congestion roadways, and increasing the use of public transit, carpooling, van pooling, walking, biking, and teleworking. 

Solid Waste Planning

CAPCOG's Solid Waste Planning Program is designated by the state as the primary planning agency for solid waste management in Region 12. Each year, CAPCOG provides TCEQ funding for local government projects, including source reduction, recycling, solid waste studies, illegal dumping enforcement, household hazardous waste collections and public information efforts. CAPCOG also maintains a closed landfill inventory, reviews applications for landfill permits for compliance with the Regional Solid Waste Management Plan, and provides technical assistance on solid waste issues to local governments.

CAPCOG Solid Waste Program staff support the Capital Area Regional Environmental Task Force (RETF) which is a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement effort of 12 government agencies in Central Texas. This group was formed to address the problems associated with illegal dumping and other environmental crimes. CAPCOG provides centralized coordination for the Task Force which provides support with technical expertise, outreach and education, and basic and intermediate training in environmental law. As part of its environmental enforcement initiatives, CAPCOG assists with tracking and reporting of illegal dumping across the region. To report illegal dumping, please fill out the online Illegal Dumping form or call 1-877-NO-DUMPS.