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Regional Solid Waste Management Planning

The Regional Solid Waste Management Plan outlines the activities and priorities that will be initiated in the region throughout the planning period of 2002-2022. The plan includes population and growth patterns, economic activity, waste generation and characteristics, waste management systems, summary of needs and problems, goals and objectives, and an action plan for the region.

Regional Solid Waste Management Plan Vol. 1 Regional Solid Waste Management Plan Vol. 2

Plans from Other COGs

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Alamo Area Council of Governments Vol. 2 Part II Houston-Galveston Area Council Vol. 2

Municipal Solid Waste Facility Siting Ordinance Guidance

CAPCOG, through its Solid Waste Advisory Committee, has drafted an example ordinance for counties to prepare municipal solid waste facility siting ordinances. The example ordinance establishes guidelines of where solid waste disposal, processing, and storage facilities can be located. It was developed by solid waste professionals, not by legal professionals, to explain issues related to municipal solid waste facilities. Ordinances developed by counties that follow this model should be reviewed by legal counsel to ensure they meet their legal obligation. The example is not to be substituted for legal advice.

> Read the example ordinance.

Conformance Reviews

CAPCOG reviews proposed municipal solid waste facility applications submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as part of its conformance review process with regional and local solid waste management plans. CAPCOG and the 23 other regional planning commissions are provided this opportunity by Texas statute when new facilities are proposed or a site expands.

To provide a proper review of a site application, CAPCOG developed a conformance review process and checklist that guides organizations for compliance with solid waste plans throughout the region. The process focuses on ensuring sites do not adversely impact human health or the environment by determining a proposed site’s impacts upon counties, cities, communities, groups of property owners, or individuals in terms of compatibility of land use, zoning in the vicinity, community growth patterns, and other factors associated with the public interest.

Each organization requesting a new site or site expansion will need to download and submit the Conformance Review Checklist to CAPCOG. The project will then be reviewed by the CAPCOG Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) and its Executive Committee.

> Download the Conformance Review Checklist.
> Submit checklists to Ken May, CAPCOG’s regional program coordinator.

CAPCOG recommends that organizations request a pre-submittal meeting with the COG, so they best understand the process, the checklist and address any issues prior to the review.

> Contact May to schedule a pre-submittal meeting.

Conformance Review Meetings

After submitting the checklist, CAPCOG will schedule a SWAC subcommittee meeting to initially review the project before the project is reviewed during a later SWAC meeting. The applying organization is encouraged to attend and present to both the subcommittee and the SWAC. The SWAC will then make a recommendation on the project’s conformance to CAPCOG’s Executive Committee, which will then make a final conformance determination that is submitted to TCEQ as advisement. The applicant will be notified of all meeting times and several of the meetings’ times will be posted as required by the Texas Open Meetings Act.

> Contact May with questions.