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After-action report gives insight into response

Monday, March 27, 2017

Emergency services teams and their command staff successful mitigated chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive incidents during three-days of homeland security training exercises that tested numerous agencies throughout the region stated third-party reports. But the reports also denoted areas where more training and equipment could further improve regional response to such incidents.

“Training for a disaster is a never ending process where you learn from what you did right and the places where you may have made some mistakes,” said Eric Carter, CAPCOG Homeland Security director. After more than 30 agencies from throughout the region participated in the three-day all-hazards training exercise, called Eastside Mayhem, in November, CAPCOG worked with a contractor to complete an exercise after-action report. The report’s goal was to help identify areas for improvement when performing large-scale training exercises.

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Three after-action reports, one for each day of the exercise, were completed in late February. According to each report, “response agencies were able to successfully support the incident’s needs with an effective and efficient response.” The reports summarized the strengths and improvement areas for responses made during each exercise before providing recommendations about specific topics for training, suggestions on specialized equipment purchases, and the adoption of new procedures to improve response.

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