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Basic Peace Officer Course adds ALERRT training

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Capital Area Council of Governments Regional Law Enforcement Academy is adding 40 hours of active shooter training to its Basic Peace Officer Courses (BPOCs).

Cadets in the BPOC class 75, which began Jan. 5, will spend four days in an Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Level I and Level II courses. ALERRT will continue to be offered in future BPOCs.

The Level I course is designed to prepare cadets as first responders to isolate, distract, and neutralize an active shooter. The course curriculum includes weapon manipulation, threshold evaluation, concepts and principles of team movement and solo officer strategies, room entry techniques, approach and breaching the crisis site and much more.

During the Level II course, cadets will be trained in point-of-wound casualty care techniques to save lives. The cadets will learn tactical emergency combat care based in self-aid and buddy-aid techniques to include hemorrhage control and tourniquets, bandaging, airway management, triaging, casualty collection points, and casualty evacuation methods. “Force-on-force” mass casualty scenarios also will be taught. Cadets will have to neutralize a threat and treat the wounded, establish casualty collection points, conduct triage, and integrate responses with emergency medical personnel.

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