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CAPCOG, Austin present on special event disaster planning

Monday, June 12, 2017

The CAPCOG Homeland Security Division Director Eric Carter and City of Austin Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Director Juan Ortiz delivered a joint workshop during the 2017  Texas Emergency Management Conference about disaster planning for special events and how planning improves incident response.

“A standardized and inclusive planning process for special events can assist in mitigating incidents quickly and successfully,” Carter said. “Planning is the key to determining how to handle issues from lost children to unattended packages at specials events.” Emergency personnel responsible for developing, maintaining, and updating operation plans should involve representatives from as many agencies as possible in the disaster plan to include special event organizers, venue owners, operators and security personnel. The group should work together on the risk assessment, identifying hazards and vulnerabilities, and emergency operations.

Having the experience in disaster planning for anticipated special events such as an annual summer concert series, which may have well established protocols and procedures, also helps navigate no-notice special events, such as protests or a VIP visit, as it familiarizes event teams with the disaster planning process.

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