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CAPCOG brings national call taker training to region

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

For the first time in years, the nationally recognized and popularly requested Public Safety Training Consultants (PSTC) will educate emergency telecommunicators from around the region in July and August on professional development topics that complements CAPCOG’s already robust telecommunicator training.

CAPCOG requested PSTC teach five courses:

  • Progressive Supervision on July 12
  • It’s Your Ship - Navigating Communications Center Leadership on July 13
  • Complacency, Cannibalism, and Critical Thinking on July 14
  • Providing Exceptional Service - “What if it Were Family?” on Aug. 25
  • Active Shooter on Aug. 26

“Leadership and customer service are two very valuable skills for all 9-1-1 dispatchers,” said Kelsey Dean, CAPCOG PSAP specialist. “Emergency telecommunicators have to provide outstanding customer service while also controlling the call with someone who is often in a high stress situation. They have to appropriately calm the caller and know how to not only explain an agency’s response but sometimes how to save a life.”

Like CAPCOG’s telecommunicator courses, PSTC’s courses help attendees maintain and hone those critical skills dispatchers and supervisors use daily. They also reinforce best practices for meeting the public’s expectation of telecommunicators.

> The July classes have limited space, but call takers can contact Dean about enrolling.
> Register for the August classes.
> Read about the CAPCOG Emergency Communications Division.

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