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CAPCOG issues emissions reduction progress report

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

CAPCOG has filed its final annual progress report under the 8-O3 Flex Plan, an ozone reduction initiative to be replaced next year by regional participation in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Ozone Advance program.

The annual report, compiled on behalf of the Clean Air Coalition and submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the EPA, provides updates on the implementation of emission reduction measures that were included in the region’s 8-Hour Ozone Flex Plan adopted in 2008.

The report discusses the status of state-implemented programs, regional emission reduction measures and measures implemented by local jurisdictions and other local participating organizations. Details include the number of vehicles subjected to emissions tests, efforts under the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan program, the number of users of the regional rideshare website, local commitments to reduce emissions within respective communities and more.

With the 8-O3 Flex Plan expiring Dec. 31, 2013, CAPCOG, the Clean Air Coalition and area partners are gathering stakeholder input on potential emission reduction measures for the upcoming Ozone Advance initiative.

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