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CAPCOG radio ads encourage residents to clean up commutes

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CAPCOG launched an air quality ad campaign to run from June through September on 11 radio stations throughout the region. The ads will air during peak drive-time commuting hours Monday through Friday and will highlight ways Central Texas residents can “clean up” their commutes, including through carpooling, vanpooling and taking advantage of funding opportunities to repair or replace vehicles that fail emissions tests.

Download or listen to the following radio outreach messages:

> Carpooling and vanpooling No. 1

> Carpooling and vanpooling No. 2

> Drive clean machines

> KUT sponsorship radio spot

> Drive clean machines: Spanish

The ads are funded by the city of Austin and Travis County. Beginning last year, CAPCOG started coordinating air quality radio advertisement purchases on behalf of local organizations in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public education efforts.

Cities, counties, and other organizations within the region can help amplify these messages’ reach by posting the audio recordings of the radio spots on their websites and social media pages. They also can share links to regional air quality information available on CAPCOG’s website. Organizations can join in future radio ad buys if interested.

> Go to for more information.
> Discover funding opportunities for cleaner vehicles.
> Learn carpooling, vanpooling and commuter tips.

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