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CAPCOG releases GeoMap 2017 orthoimagery of region

Thursday, February 08, 2018

CAPCOG has made available the most recent aerial imagery, or orthoimagery, of the ten-county region through its GeoMap program. The program provides local governments with accurate imagery for facilitating projects related to economic development, land-use planning, utility maintenance, transportation planning, floodplain mapping, 9-1-1 mapping and more.

GeoMap 2017 captured 6- and 12-inch resolution orthoimagery that provides a useful base-map display as it is spatially accurate for distance measurements and feature identification. It also can be a source for GIS data creations, including planimetrics. Since the project is complete, the imagery also is available for purchase by non-participating organizations such as engineering and development firms.

GeoMap has been a cooperative purchasing program that has saved local jurisdictions more than $11 million since it started in 2002. To provide further savings and more benefits, CAPCOG has partnered with the Texas Natural Resources Information System’s Strategic Mapping Program to collect the 2018 imagery. That project’s acquisition phase was just completed and delivery is expected later this fall. CAPCOG will coordinate the 2019 orthoimagery projects for the region in late spring and into summer of 2018.

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