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CAPCOG serves as contact for Nonprofit Security Grant

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Governor’s Homeland Security Grant Division’s 2019 Nonprofit Security Grant Program now supports security projects for nonprofit organizations that are at a high risk of terrorist attacks because of their ideology, beliefs or mission.

Nonprofits and faith-based organizations with a nexus to terrorism can use this upcoming grant program to equip facilities with security provisions, to construct or renovate facilities to enhance security, or to provide training to their security personnel. “It is a great opportunity for those organizations that have received threats or feel threatened to harden their facilities and become more prepared,” said Martin Ritchey, CAPCOG Homeland Security director. CAPCOG anticipates the state releasing the program’s request of applications later this month.

Organizations wanting further details about the Nonprofit Security Grant Program should contact the CAPCOG Homeland Security Division at or the Office of the Governor’s Public Safety Division. Local jurisdictions may also submit contact information for nonprofits they believe would benefit from the program.

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