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CAPCOG shares economic analysis expertise throughout the region

Monday, June 06, 2016

For every 10 jobs we create in the food production, processing, and distribution sectors, we create roughly another eight jobs elsewhere throughout the local economy. Moreover, 54 cents of every dollar in sales earned by food producers, processors, and distributors gets funneled back into the local economy. There are important opportunities in these sectors that exist for communities in our region, said CAPCOG Planning and Economic Development Director, Chris Schreck.

Schreck explained how linking components of the supply chain locally can have significant economic benefits for individual communities and the entire region during the Local Food as an Economic Development Driver seminar on April 27 in Elgin.

The information delivered during the seminar is a sample of the economic development analysis CAPCOG can provide for its members on an ad hoc or as needed basis. Analysis can get more in-depth when CAPCOG partners with communities on economic development or planning projects, and or leverages its GIS capabilities. CAPCOG excels in evaluating the fluidity between local and regional trends and examining the relationship between the two and how those can create benefits for a local community.

“Housing for instance is a very local issue. It’s a neighborhood issue at its core,” Schreck said. “But housing has really substantial impacts on regional issues, like transportation, workforce, and affordability. CAPCOG is really well-suited to work with communities on these kinds of issues that span both local and regional interests.”

Other presentations Schreck gave in the recent months include:

  • Workforce analytics during an Austin Chamber Regional Partners Meeting;
  • The future development of the region at a Real Estate Council of Austin Meeting; and
  • CAPCOG economic development services for local communities to the City of Kyle Economic Development Board.

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