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CAPCOG speaks at 2018 National Air Quality Conference

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

CAPCOG’s Air Quality Specialist Anton Cox highlighted our region’s initiatives for decreasing air pollutions by lowering emissions as a panel participant at the 2018 National Air Quality Conference held in Austin in January. Cox discussed the Air Central Texas (ACT) initiative, which reduces exposure to air pollution through the public taking voluntary actions to decrease emissions, and the Commute Solutions program, which focuses on reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles and thus lowering emissions.

“Sharing our outreach experiences and hearing others’ strengthens our ability to engage and educate the public by learning about successes achieved throughout the nation,” said Cox, who noted the Austin-Round Rock Metro area is the largest in the nation that meets all of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. “Keeping the public educated about how their actions can affect regional air quality helps us continue to meet these standards as the region grows.”

CAPCOG conducts ACT and Commute Solutions outreach through websites, e-newsletters, social media, and direct contacts to educate the public about driving alternatives, Central Texas’ air quality, possible air quality hazards, and how they can support reduction programs and reduce emissions. The conference, conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Association of Clean Air Agencies, included panels that featured some local collaborations such as CAPCOG and its Clean Air Coalition partners.

> For more on air quality, go to the ACT or Commute Solutions websites, and
> Like Air Central Texas and Commute Solutions on Facebook.
> Learn more about the CAPCOG Air Quality Program.

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