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CAPCOG, StratMap saves on Orthoimagery

Friday, May 04, 2018

CAPCOG is offering local jurisdictions an opportunity to save on valuable aerial imagery data by joining its 2019 Capital Area Orthoimagery Project, formerly GeoMap, which provides accurate basemaps useful for planning purposes throughout the ten-county region. The project participation deadline is Friday, June 1, 2018.

CAPCOG has partnered with the Texas Natural Resources Information System’s Strategic Mapping Program (StratMap) to purchase twelve-inch resolution imagery throughout the region; however, local jurisdictions are encouraged to participate so they can receive savings on 6- or 3-inch resolution imagery. “Orthoimagery is scale-corrected so it can be used for measuring and creating vector data,” said Craig Eissler, CAPCOG GIS program manager. “Imagery with higher resolution provides greater detail making it more useful for engineering purposes; higher resolution imagery can even be used for project level infrastructure mapping.” A conservative estimate for six-inch orthoimagery is about $100 per square mile, but participation in the 2018 project reduced costs to about $70 per square mile.

To further save on cost, local jurisdictions can use StratMap to procure other geospatial products, such as LiDAR and contour lines, but such purchases must be done through StratMap directly.

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