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CAPCOG transitions GeoMap to state StratMap program

Monday, June 05, 2017

Since 2002, CAPCOG’s GeoMap program has worked to efficiently coordinate the acquisition of the region’s aerial imagery and other geographic information systems (GIS) data collection projects while saving taxpayer dollars for jurisdictions in the ten-county region. This year, CAPCOG hopes to create greater value for jurisdictions by participating in the Texas Natural Resources Information System’s Strategic Mapping Program (StratMap), which will reduce jurisdictions’ administrative work and offer a larger variety of products from 16 preselected vendors.

To ensure former GeoMap participants will receive the program’s most valuable data, CAPCOG is coordinating a region-wide orthoimagery project through StratMap. “We want to help our communities to transition,” said Craig Eissler, CAPCOG GIS program manager. “Orthoimagery is the same as a map; it is a picture that is scale corrected and can be used as a source for creating vector data, like planimetrics for planning and engineering purposes.” The CAPCOG project seeks to purchase 3-, 6- or 12-inch resolution images where the highest resolution allows for the most uses to include project level infrastructure mapping. Jurisdictions can purchase other geospatial products, such as LiDAR and contour lines, through StratMap directly.

StratMap uses the Texas Department of Information Resources contracting services to streamline the acquisition process and reduce administrative fees. Jurisdictions also can help the state program lower its cost by submitting projects by June 16; however, StratMap will accept projects until Sept. 30.

> Contact Eissler to participate in the CAPCOG orthoimagery project. 
> Learn more about the GeoMap StratMap transition.
> Learn more about StratMap.

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