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Capital Area Mutual Aid Plan coordinates region

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Capital Area Mutual Aid Plan’s goal is to make available the appropriate resources at the appropriate time in response to large-scale, emergency management incidents as they develop.

Covering all 10-counties in CAPCOG and the Capital Area Trauma Regional Advisory Council 11-county region, the plan provides guidance for the coordination of many different types of available local, public resources needed for regional response in the event of catastrophic incidents. It addresses the system of requesting, locating, and mobilizing those resources and the coordination of their deployment before and after substantial state, federal or distant local resources can arrive.

CAPCOG’s Executive Committee approved the plan in September, which is different than the Capital Area Mutual Aid Agreement approved in 2006. The agreement pertains to counties and municipalities and what resources — police, fire, and emergency medical units — they may make available, while the plan is directed at those local governments and other organizations not eligible through agreement, such as the American Red Cross.

If a local government adopts the agreement, then it automatically becomes a participant of the plan. Other political subdivisions, nonprofits, and private sector organizations can partake in the plan and not the agreement.

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