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Collaboration with BVCOG yields winning cadet class

Friday, February 21, 2014

Police cadets stand to perform the pledge of allegiance during their January 2014 graduation ceremony, a culmination of the successful CAPCOG- Brazos Valley Council of Governments collaboration. 

CAPCOG’s Regional Law Enforcement Academy has conducted basic peace officer courses (BPOC) for 19 years with a mission to produce the best-prepared peace officers for the capital area’s cities and counties.

The program’s success includes a feat few academies can claim: consistently achieving a 100 percent pass rate among cadets when they take the state’s licensing exam for the first time.

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Two years ago, CAPCOG began getting requests to conduct satellite academies for neighboring regions; other COGs that didn’t operate academies were interested in CAPCOG conducting a BPOC and perhaps eventually helping them ramp up their own efforts.

The academy has just finished its first satellite BPOC in another region, with 16 cadets graduating from a course conducted in partnership with the Brazos Valley Council of Governments in Bryan, Texas.

Because RLEA staff take an intensely hands-on approach that ensures cadets get the best training possible — with a heavy focus on the academic portion — overseeing the eight-month evening course posed a challenge.

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A lack of daily contact with the course’s 23 adjunct instructors teaching more than 30 topics made RLEA Director Mike Jennings a bit nervous, but his leadership helped yield a 100 percent pass rate on the cadets’ first crack at the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement licensing test.

CAPCOG will again carefully consider future collaborations — producing a lengthy course outside the region can add a significant work-load to an already robust schedule — but partnerships between councils of governments remain a hallmark of helping communities across the state succeed.

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