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Data Points explores job growth rate, other economic issues

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

A Data Points blog post examines the data surrounding the region's positive yet slowing job growth rate. "We observed this trend and decided we should dig into the data a bit more," wrote Chris Schreck, CAPCOG Planning and Economic Development Director in the blog. "Are we looking at the beginnings of a recession in the local economy? Are other metro areas in Texas showing similar signs of slowing down?"

The post explores possible answers to the questions by looking at which industry sectors have gone from experiencing large spikes in job growth to a lower growth trend. It also questions three possible explanations for the weaker gains:

  • A low unemployment rate resulting in limited available workforce 
  • A slowdown in population growth
  • Austin’s job creation rate regressing to the means of other major Texas metro areas

Data Points is dedicated to exploring policy and planning issues in the Capital Area by reviewing available data and making that data interactive for community stakeholders. Other recent topics discussed on the blog included workforce development and youth employment.

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