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First responders train for shooter, explosion during exercise

Thursday, March 14, 2019

More than 40 emergency response agencies and 350 public safety personnel from across the region responded to an active shooter, improvised explosion device and radiological dispersion device incidents during the region’s full-scale exercise in February. The training is the region’s opportunity to practice a massive multijurisdictional response that needs large-scale coordination and communication to implement the dispatching and use of specialized teams.

“When you bring together teams that don’t always work together, specialized equipment and multi-agency personnel, you get a chance to use and evaluate these public safety tools,” said Martin Ritchey, CAPCOG Homeland Security director. “It also builds trust and strengthens communication between agencies that would respond during real events.”

During the February exercise, local firefighters, emergency medical personnel, law enforcement officers and emergency management teams responded to the mock incidents at the Round Rock Public Safety Training Center, while other simulated incidents occurred in Burnet, Caldwell and Williamson counties. The local personnel worked alongside the military, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Division of Emergency Management and state resources. CAPCOG and the participating agencies have completed an after action report of the training, which informs all parties about their strengths and improvement areas. The report is helpful in determining future training and equipment purchases that can contribute saving more lives if such an incident occurs.

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