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For Austin area, 10-digit dialing debuts Dec. 1

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

As area population and the need for additional phone numbers increase, Central Texas is getting 10-digit dialing and an additional area code on Dec. 1, 2012.

The move echoes other communities across the country whose days of seven-digit dialing are a thing of the past. 

Key components of the upcoming change, also called an "overlay":

  • New area code "737" will be added to the area currently served by "512." 
  • Starting Dec. 1, all local calls within the region will require the applicable area code and seven-digit telephone number for completion.
  • Eventually all new telephone numbers within the 512 area will be assigned the 737 area code.
  • Customers can keep the 512 phone numbers they already have.
  • The three-digit 9-1-1 local emergency number will remain the same.

During an initial grace period, calls mistakenly dialed without the area code will still go through until June 1, 2013, when all 10 digits must be used.

Customers can contact their local phone-service provider for more information, or visit the "Texas Area Codes" section of the state Public Utility Commission website. > Go 

> Read a KUT news story on the region's new area code

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