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GLOCK armorer course returns to CAPCOG

Monday, February 13, 2017

GLOCK pistols are a part of many peace officers’ everyday equipment, and even though they often remain holstered, it’s imperative that an officer’s sidearm works properly before it is needed. That is why CAPCOG is partnering with GLOCK for its now annual armorer course on March 7 to help prepare the region’s police agencies about safely using and maintaining their weapons.

The eight-hour course sponsored by the CAPCOG Regional Law Enforcement Academy (RLEA) will offer active and retired peace officers a chance to receive an armorer certification for all GLOCK model pistols except for G18/C Select-Fire models. The certifications allows departments to work on the pistols in-house without voiding the manufacturers warranty. The course will be held at CAPCOG, 6800 Burleson Road, building 310. Officers can register at before the Feb. 28 deadline.

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The course is scheduled to discuss a wide range of topics to include: safety rules; safe action system design; field stripping and reassembly; multiple practice disassembly and reassembly of the entire pistol; and alternative parts. In 2015, the course was well attended by agencies throughout the region as well as the state including the US Probation Office, Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, and TCOLE.

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