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Holmes heads Regional Law Enforcement Academy

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Training and educating people is at the core of Randy Holmes. Since the age of 19, the now 61 year old has trained soldiers and peace officers around the world on protecting people and being admirable public servants. In late October, CAPCOG promoted him to Regional Law Enforcement Academy (RLEA) director.

“I enjoy people that want to learn,” said Holmes. “It is very satisfying to see someone perform a skill they couldn’t perform when they came to me.”

Holmes worked eight years as the CAPCOG RLEA chief instructor. He has provided oversight and instruction for 32 basic peace officer courses and many law enforcement in-service classes. Before coming to CAPCOG, Holmes, who always wanted to be a police officer, served San Marcos as a patrol officer, patrol corporal, detective, patrol sergeant, and commander. Three years into his 22 year stint at San Marcos Police Department, Holmes began instructing his fellow officers on topics such as fire arms and self-defense. Holmes also was recruited to participate in United Nations Mission of Kosovo to train law enforcement officers in the region.

Holmes began his instructor career as a U.S. Army sergeant in Germany. He trained his fellow soldiers in skill courses such as demolition and bridge construction.

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