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CAPCOG to hold local government flood grant strategy meeting

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Floods have impacted the CAPCOG region in recent years causing extensive damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure, and disrupting the lives Central Texans. Hurricane Harvey caused serious flooding in four counties in the CAPCOG region and caused as much as $125 billion in damages across the state. Current grant opportunities from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) and the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) could help local jurisdictions in the region enhance their ability to reduce flooding risks by developing more accurate, comprehensive, and quantitative risk assessments, analyzing issues such as building damage, economic impact, debris generation and shelter requirements for potential flood scenarios, and develop plans for mitigating risks.

CAPCOG is inviting local floodplain administrators to coordinate a regional strategy for pursuing these grant opportunities at a 1:30 p.m., Friday, June 15 meeting. TWDB’s Flood Protection Grant applications are due on July 11, and letters of intent for TDEM’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program are due June 30.

> Contact Craig Eissler, CAPCOG GIS program manage,r for more information.

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