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Signed up with ENS? Update now for more options

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

With CAPCOG's Regional Notification System expanding the ways to reach people and the types of information shared, participants who previously registered their cellphone will get a second automated phone message this week inviting them to sign up for the newly upgraded system.

CAPCOG’s system, formerly called the “Emergency Notification System,” previously was limited to telephone calls to people that were included in the 9-1-1 database and to those who had registered their cellular telephones on CAPCOG ENS. The new RNS includes capacity to send messages by email or text and – eventually – Twitter and Facebook. Residents can register their cellphones, landlines, email addresses, pagers and other devices that receive text-based messages. The improved system also will allow local officials to send a wider range of notifications.

The previous system could only be used in situations in which life and property were directly threatened. Instead, the upgrades permit delivery of messages that may not comprise an emergency but nonetheless are important to public health, well-being and convenience. These could include restrictions on water usage, traffic disruptions due to major events and weather-related cancellations of public events. Some have already received a call, which alerts people who previously registered their cellphones that they must re-register if they wish to continue receiving alerts. Current users and new participants can register or update their information online today.

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