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Residents should update their WarnCentralTexas information

Thursday, October 18, 2018

CAPCOG recently upgraded the regional notification system (RNS) that powers to bring residents and emergency response personnel a more streamlined way of connecting with each other during natural and man-made disasters. As part of this upgrade, it is recommended that previously self-registered participants update their RNS information by either using a link inside an email from the new vendor, Everbridge, or going to, clicking on the “Get Alerts” button, and completing the sign-up form.

On Sept. 26, CAPCOG sent emails to self-registered participants who had previously registered with email addresses encouraging them to update their contact information. The emails could have been sent from, or Updating or registering anew gives participants access to a user account portal that lets them opt to receive emergency notifications by either cellphone calls, emails, or text messages for one more addresses. They also can opt-in to receive particular national weather alerts, such as severe thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, and flashflood warnings. After updating their information, the portal grants them access to make future updates and read active local government notifications in their area.

Using the Warn Central Texas system, emergency responders can send hyper-local, targeted messages to people in specific neighborhoods or on a particular street. While self-registering is highly recommended, residents who don’t register their cellphone or email information will receive emergency warnings on landline and VoIP phones using CAPCOG’s 9-1-1 database. All jurisdictions in the ten-county region can use the system to share critical emergency information events, such as:

  • Evacuations from floods and wildfires 
  • Shelter-in-place information during law enforcement incidents 
  • Public health and medical emergencies

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