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RLEA offers new CIT course, new use-of-force training

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

CAPCOG’s Regional Law Enforcement Academy (RLEA) offered its first 40-hour Crisis Intervention Training course Aug. 13 through 17. As of April 2018, the course is a new state requirement for officers seeking intermediate certifications; those without an intermediate certificate or higher will need to complete the course within two years and take an update every four. Other new courses such as De-escalation Techniques Limiting the Use-of-Force in Public Interactions also will be available later this year.

The 40-hour crisis intervention course replaces its 16-hour predecessor by focusing more on key concepts, safety techniques and communication skills for responding to those in a mental health crisis. It trains peace officers to recognize indicators of mental illness, understand mental illness, how to work with mentally ill individuals and their families, and how to implement intervention strategies for low and high risk situations. While August’s course is full, CAPCOG will continue to offer the course throughout the training cycle.

The new de-escalation course is a requirement for intermediate and advanced certifications. Peace officers with basic certifications will need to take the new de-escalation course every four years. The course improves officers’ response to incidents involving people in crisis who are behaving erratically. It emphasizes public and officer safety while teaching tactical de-escalation to reduce the intensity of an encounter with a suspect. The training enables officers with additional options for voluntary compliance and to mitigate the need for a higher level of force while they maintain control of the situation. CAPCOG plans to offer the course in October.

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