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Solid waste grants applications available for industry review

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Capital Area Council of Governments posted all 25 CAPCOG Solid Waste Grant Program applications, which local entities submitted to receive funding during the 2016-17 grant cycle, on so private industry groups can review the applications.

Private industries that find issue with any of these applications have until 5 p.m. Jan. 19, 2-16to notify CAPCOG of their intent to dispute any application.

According to state law (Section 361.014 (b) of the Texas Health & Safety Code), a project or service funded under the Texas Regional Solid Waste Grants Program must promote cooperation between public and private entities, and the grant-funded project or service may not be otherwise readily available or create a competitive advantage over a private industry that provides recycling or solid waste services.

The request for applications ended Dec. 17 and the projects to receive funding should be selected in February.

> Review the applications.
> Discover more about the CAPCOG Solid Waste Grant Program.
> Read Section 361.014 of the Texas Health and Safety Code.
> Contact Matt Holderread, CAPCOG regional services grant coordinator, with concerns about an application, related to promoting cooperation between public and private entities.

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