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Standard Response Protocol training video instructs students on safety actions

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Students will be better prepared to respond to terroristic incidents with a new educational video developed through a partnership between Hays County Emergency Services, Texas State, the Office of the Governor, the I Love You Guys Foundation, and CAPCOG as the educational tool promotes the use of the Standard Response Protocol.

The roughly 37-minute video will show students ages eight to 18 how to respond to mass shootings as well as other incidents on their campus. “With the events that are happening around the nation today, we have wanted to invest in educational response tools such as this video for some time, so they can easily be distributed to every school in our region,” said Martin Ritchey, CAPCOG Homeland Security director. CAPCOG worked with the Office of the Governor’s Homeland Security Grant Division to ensure the video’s production was funded.

The video is multifaceted in teaching responses to incidents which require a lockdown, lockout, evacuation, or shelter; all actions that are part of the Standard Response Protocol. The video can be broken into segments so students can watch particular lessons at shortened lengths. It is the second video created to directly target educating students; a pre-k through second-grade video was released in mid-February. The Standard Response Protocol was developed initially by the I Love You Guys Foundation. The video will be posted at later this month.

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