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TNRIS finishes 2018 StratMap, Capital Area Orthoimagery Project

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) Strategic Mapping Program (StratMap) released 12- and 6-inch orthoimagery of the region from CAPCOG’s 2018 Capital Area Orthoimagery Project. CAPCOG coordinated the regional project through StratMap’s cooperative purchasing program to generate cost savings for local jurisdictions.

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Each year, CAPCOG acquires 12-inch orthoimagery as part of its emergency communications program to provide accurate 9-1-1 mapping across the region; local jurisdictions can participate by purchasing the acquisition of higher resolution imagery. Since orthoimagery is scale-corrected, it is a valuable tool for planning and engineering purposes depending on its resolution. Orthoimagery is the same as a map and can used to create GIS vector data. For more than a decade, CAPCOG has coordinated orthoimagery purchases through its GeoMap program, which has saved the region and it partners millions of dollars; coordinating the purchases through StratMap has realized additional savings.

The 2019 Capital Area Orthoimagery Project is in the flight preparation stages. It will be flown during winter leaf-off conditions, typically between mid-December and mid-February. This data is expected to be released in Fall 2019. CAPCOG also will coordinate the 2020 project through the StratMap Program; a call for local projects will take place in the Spring of 2019. CAPCOG recommends local jurisdictions evaluate the cost of other geospatial products such as LIDAR — laser measured imagery used for topographic mapping — through the StratMap Program for possible cooperative purchasing savings.

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