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Upgrade enhances virtual EOC

Thursday, September 22, 2016

WebEOC is a virtual, real-time incident management software that allows for data flow and multijurisdictional communications. It helps jurisdictions organize and assign tasks to team members during disasters and alerts other jurisdictions of neighboring and regional incidents. CAPCOG’s new upgrades will ensure increased accessibility, better user interface, and a more resilient cloud-based infrastructure that will enhance the tool’s capabilities and strengthen local emergency management coordinators (EMCs) organizational control of disaster incidents as they occur and after they happen. It also will allow their municipalities and counties to record valuable information that can assist in submitting for disaster recovery funding.

It also can help allocate local, state, and federal resources. The tool documents every action taken through the system providing an exact record of response and recovery, which speeds up applying for state and federal disaster recovery aid.

Because of the new user interface, the system allows its users to see all their operational boards at a glance and prompts them with tasks and missions assigned to them. The upgrade includes sub-administrator accounts allowing local jurisdictions to setup user groups and grant response teams to get faster access to the tool during incidents. A move to the cloud hosting also means the system can remain online and in use by EMCs regardless if an incident occurs in the Austin area.

CAPCOG is rolling out the upgraded version across the region and will continue to work with EMCs to support and enhance the system. WebEOC training occurs monthly.

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