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Williamson County honors older adults with multigenerational event

Monday, April 17, 2017

Williamson County will bring multiple generations together for a special event that honors and celebrates Older Americans Month, an annual observance throughout May that offers all residents the opportunity to learn about, support and recognize our nation’s older citizens. Family Fun Day will feature intergenerational hands-on activities for all at the historic Williamson County Courthouse from 1-4 p.m., Saturday, April 22.

“This event is a great kick-off for Older American’s Month, which starts in May, by providing a program that really supports this year’s theme, ‘Age Out Loud,’” said Patty Bordie, CAPCOG Aging Services director. “The theme and this event are meant to emphasize the way older adults are living their lives with boldness, confidence, and passion while serving as an inspiration to people of all ages.”

During Family Fun Day older adults will lead a number of activities for children and their parents to include woodworking, storytelling, historical cultural dancing, gardening and fishing. “Multigenerational events where older adults share their knowledge and skills with the younger community promote a better understanding of the unique and common perspectives across generations,” Bordie said. These opportunities promote a greater understanding of the value of all generations and help establish a stronger, closer community.

“Our senior Williamson County residents have so much experience and knowledge to share we wanted to create an outlet for them to be able to do that with younger generations,” said Williamson County Commissioner, Cynthia Long, who spearheaded organizing the event. “Family Fun Day will give seniors the opportunity to showcase their talents and teach those skills to younger generations.”

For older adults, these types of events also can provide them with greater sense of purpose and increase their level of community engagement, which has many benefits for the individual, Bordie said. “Participating in face-to-face social interaction becomes more important as we age — social engagement through meaningful activities can combat the risks of social isolation — which can affect an older American’s mental, emotional and physical health.”

CAPCOG’s Executive Committee adopted a resolution recognizing May as Older American’s Month at its April meeting. CAPCOG through the Area Agency on Aging of the Capital Area (AAACAP) will use the month to focus on how older adults in the region’s  communities are redefining aging — through work or family interests, by taking charge of their health and staying independent as long as possible, and through their community and advocacy efforts. Communities throughout the ten-county region are welcome to adopt the resolution or a similar one to honor their older adult residents. CAPCOG and AAACAP also encourage communities to hold events similar to Williamson County’s to recognize the contributions of older residents.

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