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Grant Deadline: Great Texas Birding Classic

Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife

The Great Texas Birding Classic is seeking projects to which award conservation grants. Organization may submit project proposals until May 1 that fulfill the goals of the Birding Classic and are within the following guidelines.

Proposals will be reviewed and, if approved, will become part of a pre-approved list of projects eligible to receive Conservation Grants. Proposed activities may include projects on public or private lands. All projects must provide some level of public access. Projects should do one or more of the following:

  • Benefit native and wild bird populations
  • Protect or enhance areas important to native, wild, and unrestrained birds (e.g., land acquisition, habitat restoration)\
  • Improve or enhance access for birders and wildlife watchers while protecting habitat for native, wild, and unrestrained birds (e.g., creating a boardwalk, photography blind, or designated viewing area at a birding site can keep visitors restricted to certain areas allowing restored or native habitat to remain intact in other areas)
  • Enhance or interpret the public’s experience in nature to increase conservation awareness (e.g., interpretive signage can increase the public’s understanding and knowledge of native wildlife, the dangers of invasive species, etc. allowing them to connect in a more meaningful way and have a better awareness of conservation issues and native species).

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