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CAPCOG recommends SHSP grant projects to OOG
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The CAPCOG Executive Committee reviewed and recommended 22 projects seeking State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) grant funding for the Office of the Governor (OOG) at its regular March meeting. CAPCOG has estimated regional projects could receive about $900,000, based on

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Burnet County’s Barho receives CAPCOG volunteer honor
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Burnet County Emergency Management Coordinator, Jim Barho, the first and long-serving chair of the agency’s Long-Term Interoperability Committee under the Homeland Security Task Force (HSTF), received the Phill Parmer Volunteer Service Award during the CAPCOG’s annual General Assembly meeting in

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CAPCOG makes homeland security grant funding recommendations

The CAPCOG Executive Committee prioritized 31 projects for the State Homeland Security Program grants; recommending 15 projects for funding based on the state’s regional allocation. CAPCOG expects the Office of the Governor to make the final selection of projects in

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CAPCOG recommends homeland security grants projects
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The CAPCOG Executive Committee and its Homeland Security Task Force prioritized 40 projects that requested funding from the Texas Office of the Governor State Homeland Security Program. The state program will award funding in August 2019 using CAPCOG’s prioritization as

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