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37 CAPCOG cadets earn TCOLE peace officer’s licenses

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The CAPCOG Regional Law Enforcement Academy (RLEA) recently graduated 37 cadets from two Basic Peace Officer Courses (BPOC) finishing in early May and June. After completing their 841 hours of course work, every cadet passed their Texas Commission on Law

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RLEA delivers Sunset Valley, Cottonwood Shores training

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Cottonwood Shores and Sunset Valley are hosting the CAPCOG Regional Law Enforcement Academy (RLEA) to conduct a February-26 Intermediate Spanish for Law Enforcement course and a February-27 De-escalation Techniques course, respectively. CAPCOG is delivering courses at the agencies’ facilities to

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Regional Academy opens testing for would-be peace officers

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The CAPCOG Regional Law Enforcement Academy (RLEA) will hold its first exam for prospective peace officer cadets for its 91st and 92nd Basic Peace Officers Courses (BPOC) at 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 26 at the CAPCOG offices, 6800 Burleson Road,

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