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CAPCOG makes homeland security grant funding recommendations

The CAPCOG Executive Committee prioritized 31 projects for the State Homeland Security Program grants; recommending 15 projects for funding based on the state’s regional allocation. CAPCOG expects the Office of the Governor to make the final selection of projects in

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WebEOC assists with regionwide emergency response
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Emergency Management Coordinators (EMCs) and other public safety officials used CAPCOG’s digital regional planning coordination tool, WebEOC, to share critical information about responding to Winter Storm Uri in February helping to keep residents warm and to track storm related issues.

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CAPCOG encourages local governments to apply for CESF
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The Office of the Governor’s Public Safety Office allocated about $2.8 million to the CAPCOG region from its Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) Program, and CAPCOG is encouraging all cities and counties to apply for the funding to help prevent,

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RLEA hosts interviewing, TXDOT drug & alcohol courses
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The CAPCOG Regional Law Enforcement Academy will conduct a Basic Forensic Narrative Analysis course to teach investigators interviewing techniques that can help ascertain important case information from suspects, witnesses and victims. The 40-hour course led by a former Texas Department

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