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Solid waste collection events properly dispose of tires, paint, and much more

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Scrap tires, paint, mattresses, and lawn tools are among the items most collected during solid waste collection events that communities have hosted with the support of CAPCOG’s 2020-21 solid waste grant program. These events collect bulky and household hazardous waste,

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CAPCOG aids counties in developing and updating solid waste siting ordinances

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The CAPCOG Solid Waste Program has helped several counties draft, review and update solid waste siting ordinances to prepare them for the possibility of facilities expanding or locating within their jurisdictions as the industry’s demand increases. A well-crafted siting ordinance

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CAPCOG estimates $224,000 available for solid waste projects

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The CAPCOG Solid Waste Grant Program is seeking projects to fund as part of its 2020-21 Solid Waste Grant Program, which has an estimated $224,000 available. Earlier this month, CAPCOG released its request of applications and scheduled four grant workshops

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