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TDA announces CDBG program funds

Downtown La Grange

The Texas Department of Agriculture opened its grant application process for the 2021 Texas Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program including the Community Development Fund and the Downtown Revitalization Program for which CAPCOG area jurisdictions may apply. The application deadline

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CAPCOG, TDA fund gas pump, card skimmer surveillance

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CAPCOG and the Texas Department of Agriculture have partnered to fund $75,000 of specialized surveillance patrols targeting credit- and debit-card skimmer crimes at gas stations throughout the region. CAPCOG will accept applications from local policing agencies until July 17. According

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CAPCOG re-announces gas skimmer surveillance grants, new dates

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CAPCOG re-opened its grant application process for funding specialized surveillance at businesses that may be impacted by credit or debit card skimmer related crimes. The Texas Department of Agriculture is funding the grants as part of a partnership with CAPCOG

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CAPCOG’s RLEA kicks off gas pump skimmer enforcement

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The CAPCOG Regional Law Enforcement Academy and Texas Department of Agriculture are working together to improve gas pump skimmer enforcement and prevention of stolen credit and debit card information caused by the devices throughout the region. CAPCOG is planning a

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RPS assists with state and federal grant opportunities

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From economic development and infrastructure to sidewalks and fire trucks, the CAPCOG Regional and Planning Services Division has assisted local communities around the region with establishing projects that seek state and federal funding opportunities. CAPCOG’s goal is to help its

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