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Classes for Transportation professionals, elected officials, city managers, and others

Current Classes

LEAN Mobility Workshop

Want to cut carbon emissions, reduce congestion, improve safety, and boost access? Think lean.

The LEAN Mobility Workshop focuses on expanding mobility choices by providing Low Emission Alternative Network (LEAN) Lanes for low speed, low cost, low-to-zero emission modes, including neighborhood electric vehicles, scooters, trikes, and similar modes. The workshop is for practitioners and policy-makers wanting to meet those and other critical transportation goals.

This workshop will provide an interactive dialogue on the following topics:

  • What LEAN LanesTM are and why they are the future
  • Why the prime directive is "safety, safety, safety”
  • Lessons from early adopters, from California to Georgia
  • How low speed mobility can improve public health, equity, and economic resilience
  • How LEAN Lanes help address both affordability and transportation challenges
  • How to fund and build LEAN Lanes
  • Building support for this game-changer with cities, counties, and general public

Workshop facilitators will include Susan Engelking, founder of Tiny Transit Strategies and author of Tiny Transit for Cities: Cut Carbon Emissions in Your City Before It's Too Late; and Katie Kam, PhD, PE and president of Wheels & Water LLC and author of the dissertation, The Transition to Low Speed Vehicles for Intra-City Travel.

August 22, 2019, 9:00am – 1:00pm
Cost: Free

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